Clean up for iOS & Mac

A few questions:

Any way to bring back the quick clean up icon for Mac, or do I need to use a shortcut now?

Also, is there an automatic clean up option for iOS devices? I’m used to checking off something and seeing it disappear w/o having to manually do it.

Thank you!

If you customize the toolbar, you can re-add the Clean Up button 🙂

iOS does have some Clean Up options. Hit the Gear icon, and then scroll down to “Clean Up”

Hope that helps!

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iOS won’t clean up entirely automatically because it’s quite easy to change something unintentionally and then it’s just gone. On the iPad you have the broom icon, and on the iPhone you can pull down to sync. On any iOS device with a keyboard connected you can press CMD+Shift+K to trigger cleanup too.


It does, thanks!

Ok that helps. I didn’t mind the auto clean-up b/c when I did accidentally erase something, I just used the back/reverse button. But the Mac didn’t automatically clean up and I got used to that, so I’m sure I’ll adjust here too. Thank you!