Cleaning up Inbox after assigning a context

I’ll start up front with an apology for my ignorance. I stumbled on this thread late in the game as it loosely applies to what I am looking for. Flame away.

My issue is not converting an inbox item to a project per say, In OF1 my workflow for processing my inbox was to simply assign a context. Once a context was assigned the item disappeared from the inbox. I was able to cut through my inbox quickly once a day. I seem to recall using a GTD mapping process to default all inbox items to a project name of “—” unless a specific project name was assigned.

In playing with OF2 I notice that when I assign a context to an inbox item it no longer moves the item out of the inbox. Of note, if I change the project name to “—” which I brought with me from OF1 and click “Clean Up” it disappears as I would expect.

I’m not the brightest guy, and not being sarcastic here, but to use my GTD workflow I simply need all new tasks not assigned a specific project to default to “—” (or whatever) and automatically move from my inbox when a context is assigned without having to click “Clean Up”. Am I missing the mark here or is it really that simply?

@embark0430 You can still do that in OF2, i do it all the time :) I process mine via context, which defaults to a miscellaneous project.

Head over to Preferences > Organization

When I assign a context, say “eMail” and I move on to the next item to clean up, I hit Command-K to clean up (or switch views, etc) and I am all set. What is missing from OF2 is setting which project is the default project. I kept mine the same “Miscellaneous”. Hope that helps!


@babblingdweeb Umm…yeah…I see it now. Don’t you hate it when it’s right there in front of your nose. Thanks for setting me straight!

No problem! Happy to help! I did submit a bug report related to this though…if you look at the OF1 vs. OF2, there is not a way to set a default single action list in OF2.

Not a big issue for me, I am using the default Miscellaneous project. Could be an issue for others going forward.

I set mine to a different project in OF1, now I need to change it but it seems impossible?
How can I change the default project?


I don’t know that you can without some special tweak using the omnifocus:/// syntax. I think this still exists as a bug.

You can rename the built-in Miscellaneous single-action list to something else if that helps!

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