Clear Style doesn't remove hyperlinks nor text blue color

I pasted a url into a notes field and it rendered with a link and blue text color.

After pressing return after the end of that text, and pasting other (non url) text, the text inherits the underlying url and blue text color.

When I run Clear Style from the menu (also the keyboard shortcut), the text is reduced maybe one point, but the underlying url and blue text remain.

If I instead paste text (for example, from another note that is default text, or another source) after pressing return after the url text, the paste has the default text characteristics (although sometime it doesn’t; I haven’t tested enough to know what the difference is that causes the two behaviors).

Is Clear Style not expected to remove all styling from the selected text back to the default style, when the text has an underlying url?

macOS 14.1. OmniFocus Pro 4.0.2 (v174.5.2).

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Yes, after pasting a URL in Focus notes I’ve had this issue for a long time.
A solution that mostly works is to add a space at the beginning of the new line, and later remove it, but it’s far from ideal and I should file some feedback as soon as I find the time.


Hit enter twice after pasting the note

Click into another area of the inspector

Then click back into the note field where you hit the second enter key

Start typing and the format should be gone

I have this issue all the time with multiple monitors and it drives me crazy. Might make a key board maestro macro to do this for me……

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