Clearing Flagged items

I studied the prior threads on this, but perhaps behavior of OF2 has changed?

When I unflag an item (using Edit > Clear Flag or the hotkey equivalent), sometimes it leaves the “outline” of a flag. I thought at first this might be due to a parent project being flagged, but it is not. I’ve attached a screenshot example.

Sometimes i can clear the flag; it may depend upon which view i am in (?).

Wondering what I am missing here about flag behavior, and the meaning of an outlined flag vs a full flag. Mostly, why i not able to just completely unflag, a flagged item.


This task is probably residing in a project that has been flagged.

Tasks will inherit the flagged status of the container,

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To overstate what is probably obvious, it could also be an action group containing the task.

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thanks wilsonng & teronel