Clicking is highlight wrong object or text field

Having two odd and similar problems that only happen sometime.

I click on a shape or other object to select it.

Instead of the object under the mouse being selected, another object that is an inch or two away (at 100% view) is selected. There is no overlap, no common grouping, these are two completely distinct objects.

A similar things happens when selecting text fields in a group of shapes. I double clock on a shape to select the text field, and instead the text field in a different shape in the group is activated. Sometimes if I repeat this it selects another different shape again. There is not a clear pattern. Again, these shapes are not overlapping (they are grouped).

Restarting Omnigraffle fixes this behaviour temporarily.

Environment is OmniGraffle Pro 7.12.1, MacOS 10.15.2, MacBook Pro 15" Mid-2015 2.8 GHz i7 Dual Graphics and using an external monitor.

Does this possibly start happening after a change in display settings, such as unplugging/plugging in the external monitor, or waking up from sleep?

No it does not.

And has happened multiple times.

So I screen-recorded a brief snippit of the second thing happening - I can share it with you, but not publicly

That would be great. Email us and reference this thread. If you need a place to upload the recordings to you can use Thanks!

DM’d to you here - do you still need it emailed?

Oh, sorry, completely missed that. Unfortunately the movie isn’t viewable, at least currently. If you can upload to us or send me a link to it in a DM, that’d be great. Thanks!

emailed screencap

Got it, thanks. Have you noticed this happening with objects that aren’t tables? There are some bugs with tables we need to sort out that might have something to do with this.

Yes and no - it happened again today as follows - I used the text tool to place an arbitrary text object, but instead of selecting the text object it selected a row in a table on the same page.

Close and reopening the doc corrects it

So this is related the the magnets issue as well - sending you another screencap video

So this can happen after duplicating a table. Might that be what’s triggering it for you? It also appears this bug has been fixed in the 7.12.2 test builds although we did not directly address it. If you feel like giving the test builds a try, please let us know if you still run into this problem. Thanks!