Clicking on Tags in sidebar for AND/OR logic?

If I click on one tag in the sidebar, then command click on another tag in the sidebar, I will see all the tasks with either tag.

Is it possible to click on one tag, then click on another tag (in some manner) and see only tasks that have BOTH tags assigned to them. (I realize Perspectives can do this function.)


Sorry, modifying tag selections is not possible the way you describe.

Perspectives work for this but may be unwieldy for your workflow.

You may find some acceptable filtering possibilities and workflows after you send your list to TaskPaper.


From TaskPaper docs:

And/Or logic is not slated for version 4 either. But it was talked about in the OmniFocus slack channel that it would be looked at after version 4.0 is released.

Send an email feature request to to let your vote get counted.

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