Clip-o-tron 1.0.1?

Just playing with OmniFocus 2.0.3 public test — October 1, 2014. I am really interested in trying Clip-o-tron 1.0.1 on the Yosemite GM. Clip-o-tron 1.0 is not updating and I cannot find a link to it yet. Sorry if I’m jumping the gun but the latest Change Log notes have me really interested.

Same here. I running the public test as well and would like the new version of the Clip-o-tron as well.

Where can we get OmniFocus 2.0.3 public test ?

+1. Love to try it as well.

Also looking for the Clip-O-Tron 1.01. Looked all over the FTP, and only 1.0 is there.



No response on the clip-o-tron 1.0.1 in over 2 days since announcement? Perhaps a simple “is coming soon” will suffice, rather than no response. Thanks otherwise for great products!

Not fair to drop a finally-a-clip-o-tron-for-Yosemite nugget and then just leave us hanging!

1.0.1 is there now:

C-o-T 1.0.1 works with Mail in OS X 10.10 GM Candidate 1 with the latest OF 2.0.3 beta version, but only includes the URL, not the body of the email if some text is not selected before.

Public beta 5 has disabled the Clip-O-Tron - is there a way to re-activate, or an update required?



After Update to Beta 5 or GM 2 you have only reinstall Clip-O-Tron … it working again after reinstall

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@rob22 Well that’s simple enough - thanks!


Clip-o-tron 1.0.1 is not working for me under 2.0.3. No symptoms, just fails to work. Really bad news. Up-to-date 10.9.5. I have put in a support ticket.