Clip-o-Tron and macOS High Sierra

We’ve been getting some questions about changes to the Clip-o-Tron behavior in macOS 10.13 High Sierra. We’ve added a note in the Clipping from Apple Mail using the OmniFocus Clip-o-Tron help article, but thought it might be useful to call out the change on its own as well.

Our help article states: “In High Sierra, OmniFocus clips from Mail without needing the Clip-o-Tron. Though Services don’t appear in the contextual menu when you right-click a message, you can use the Menu Bar (Mail > Services) or create a keyboard shortcut in System Preferences for the Send to OmniFocus service to achieve the same result.”

What this means for you:
▪︎ When you right-click/control-click on an email, you won’t see the option to “Send to OmniFocus” anymore
▪︎ You can uninstall Clip-o-Tron; you won’t need it anymore


In case it helps, you can still assign a keyboard shortcut to the Mail ▸ Services ▸ OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox command. I recommend Shift-Command-Comma (⇧⌘,). (It’s just not necessary to have the Clip-o-Tron on High Sierra to do that anymore.)