Clip-o-tron behavior in yosemite

This is an excellent suggestion. Thanks!

Of course, I need to get Clip-O-Tron working in the first place. :-/

I’ll email support ninjas when I have a moment…

Thanks again for posting that script!

I don’t use this function enough to justify memorizing a keyboard combination; I wanted it back in the Services menu.

So I put the rentzsh’s script into Automator and saved it as a Service. The service uses “Run AppleScript”, of course, but to pass the mail message to the script, I set “Services receives” to “no input” in the top part of the Automator window and added a step before the Run AppleScript command. The added step is “Get Selected Mail Messages”.

Seems to work fine on Yosemite 10.10.5.

Not exciting, but I thought I’d document it in case anyone else wants to do this.

The Clip-O-Tron has been working for me [OF 2.2.5 (v96.12 r241736), OS X 10.10.5] until just the last week. With a mail message selected, typing the shortcut opens the QuickEntry window with the message subject as the Action text and the “Original Message” link in the Notes field as before, but when I go to the OF Inbox, the link message has disappeared, sometimes making it impossible to work out what the Inbox item refers to. Does anyone have an idea why it would suddenly stop working?

Postscript: It look as if this may have been a temporary glitch because the message links have started reappearing. I cannot say what fixed it - it may have been a system restart - I’m fairly sure I tested just restarting OF and Mail before posting the problem.

It Works with Outlook?