Clip-o-tron behavior in yosemite


To be sure clip-o-tron is working for me in yosemite, but can I not choose the old behavior where the entire message will be captured? It appears as of OF 2.0.3 it’s only a link to the original message plus any text that I selected. Thanks for the help,


The new behaviour is by design, apparently. someone from MG would have to explain why.

But - if you select the text in the message body and send that to OF2, it seems to work well - I just tried with a message and I got the subject line as the title of the OF task, the content of the message (including a pdf attachment) and a link to the original message

Not scientific, may help

Thanks. The new way might be sufficient, but the old way you didn’t need to pre-select anything and you could get all replies, etc. included in a single task. So not sure if it’s better now… :-)

I didn’t say it’s better - just that it’s by design ;-)

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This is due to a change in Mail in Yosemite, as I’ve explained in more detail over in another post:

If you’d like to see the old behavior return, please let Apple know. If Mail restores its lost support for copying a full message, the Clip-O-Tron will start capturing the full message again.


Great thank you all for the feedback!

Hi kcase:

however, on your website you still promote this function of clip o tron:

“The message will be added to OmniFocus Quick Entry as an item with the email subject as the title of the item, and the header and body of the email as the note.”


Maybe it helps to give the hint, that currently this function does not work with Yosemite. This would save your users time to identify the proposed fault in the settings.

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Here’s my problem I’m having with the new Yosemite/Clip-o-tron combo… If I clip an e-mail and send it to Omnifocus, then archive the e-mail, Omnifocus no longer knows where the e-mail is. So, the link that it puts in the action doesn’t bring back the e-mail.

HOWEVER… If I quit mail and re-open mail, then Omnifocus finds it fine. Is there a fix for this?

That’s a bug in Mail. OmniFocus always sends Mail the same instruction (open the message with this particular identifier), but Mail doesn’t always find the message after it has moved (though restarting Mail apparently helps with this).

I recommend letting Apple know you care about this bug, so they’re more likely to fix it.

Good point! We’ve now updated that support article to note the difference in Mail’s behavior between Mavericks and Yosemite.

For me, clipping doesn’t work in Yosemite. The just hangs and needs to be force-quit.

That’s unexpected. Please email so our Support Humans can see if there’s anything we can do to fix or workaround Mail hanging.

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I want to second this request so that omnifocus to raise the awareness for the omnifocus dev people. I use OmniFocus 2 in a corporate environment where we have strict security standards. Since I like to use the omnisync server for convenience I cannot allow any email body text to be transferred to a public cloud service since it might contain sensible information.
Therefore I would like to keep the link to the email and the subject only.

Thanks, selecting the text worked for me - but I would prefer to see it working as it did in Mavericks.

Perhaps others have found it, but I just came across this script that allows Clip-o-Tron in Yosemite to behave like it did in Mavericks. That way, @arne can use the installer from Omni Group and others can use this one!

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That script is AWESOME! Omni should email a copy to every OF user. It works better than Clip-o-tron ever did. I trigger it with Keyboard Maestro and it works great.

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i am having troubles with this app,mail app hangs.please fix it.

This does look promising!

Since installing Yosemite, I actually have yet to have the Clip-O-Tron work for me. As a couple other posters mention above, Mail just hangs. Maybe it has worked once or twice. I essentially abandoned it and honestly didn’t have the impetus to post about it…

Now, however, it’s becoming more needed in my workflow. I can see either option (message body or no) being useful. Sometimes the body contains useful information for a task, sometimes I just need to get from OF back to the email for a reply.

Not being a programmer, I’m not sure if an option for message body when running the Clip-O-Tron can be included in some future version. Maybe I’ll try my hand at editing the script for that second use.

Or I guess one could just delete the note in the above script.

In the meantime, you could always have both Clip-o-Tron and the script installed, choosing one or the other based on your need. You can set an OF clippings keyboard shortcut and, using FastScripts, you can set the same shortcut plus a modifier (shift is a logical choice) to activate the script and ruler capture).

Of course, like you I hope that Clip-o-Tron eventually folds both options into its own working.

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