Clip-O-Tron + MS Outlook?

I understand that Clip-O-Tron no longer works properly in Yosemite / OF2 because of a limitation introduced by Apple. From my conversation w/ tech support for Omni:

In earlier versions of Mail, selecting a message in the sidebar and pressing Copy would copy that message to the clipboard. Anything that can be copied to the clipboard should also be able to be sent to a service, so the entire function of the Clip-O-Tron has been to patch Mail to enable the service when a message is selected, copying that message and sending it along to the requested service. (For years we’ve been asking Apple to implement this themselves, like other well-behaved apps do.) Unfortunately, in Yosemite, Mail can no longer copy those messages at all: it just beeps and refuses to copy when your selection is in the sidebar and you press copy. So this means that when the Clip-O-Tron tries to capture the email message, it ends up with nothing on the pasteboard.

Does anyone know if there’s a way (or a plan for a way) to clip emails via Microsoft Outlook instead?

The Clip-O-Tron functionality present in Mavericks / OF1 is really important to me – namely, clipping the content of the message and not merely a link to the message – so I am curious if there’s a way (or a plan) for getting this feature back if I switch from to MS Outlook.

You could try Postbox for email on your Mac. I use it and quite like it. It has good support for clipping into OmniFocus, it plays well with Gmail, and has a lot of keyboard shortcuts that are useful as well. It costs $10 but I think it’s worth it.

The only downside is that its based on the old Thunderbird codebase and so looks a bit ugly.

Thanks! I tried that, but lack of Exchange support is a killer for me :-(