Clipper UI Issues

Ever since OF3, I find that the UI for the Clipper is not working effectively for me. The issues that I have are:

-After I clip, I use ‘Tab’ key to move from field to filed (like I used to do in OF2). I get to the the Defer date, once I hit Tab again, instead of moving to the Due date, it goes back to the title of the Task. Are you having this issue? Am I missing something?

-The workaround I use, is to press the ‘right arrow’ after I enter de Defer Date. That sometimes works, and others does not. I’m not clear exactly on the pattern.

-Other times, I’m not able to get back to the Defer date.

Is it only me or is someone else having issues as well? I expected that it would get ‘fixed’ after the launch of version 3, but the issues persist for me. Is it me not using the Clipper properly?

Thanks for your help. m.

Hi. Anyone else experiencing this same issues? Any help would be appreciate it. Thanks. m.

I don’t remember ever running into this issue.

I recommend contacting Omni Support by choosing Omni Support from the Help menu or by emailing

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Will do. Maybe is something on my end. Weird. Thanks so much. m.

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You’re very welcome, Martin. I’m curious to hear what’s causing this issue.

I’ve actually experienced this, and still do. But then in the normal interface or the quick entry.

Instead of it moving forward it will seem to and then go back to the last field it was in. Very annoying

I sent the email to OmniFocus support, so once I get clarity I’ll add the solution here. Thanks. m.

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Thanks Janos. To me it happens in the quick entry UI.

I also re-submitted a report. They’re usually not very fast (actually super slow) in fixing, but hey…

So the issue was so simple that it’s hard to wrote this :) The quick entry clipping UI was too compressed, so it was not functioning properly. I had tried to stretch it and did not find a handle, but it turns out that if you ‘pull’ from the side it does stretchy and then it works as expected. Formal response copied below.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for reaching out! I’m really sorry for the trouble here but I’m glad to help.

In similar situations of this nature, it seems that the width of the Quick Entry popup leads to a scenario where certain fields like the ‘Due’ field are skipped. Does expanding the width of the Quick Entry window improve that keyboard navigation behavior?

Standing by,
Support Human
The Omni Group

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