Clipping in Chrome vs Firefox


I’d like to switch from Chrome to Firefox, but I’ve noticed that the ‘send to inbox’ service behaves differently in Firefox. From Chrome, the new item will contain a note with a hyperlink.

When sending something from Firefox however, there’s only the Hyperlink in the item’s title:

I rather like my current workflow in Chrome - is there any way I can make Firefox behave the same way?


So no responses to this, or other similar questions from anyone at Omni.

I’m considering comitting to OmniFocus (which is not cheap - almost $200 for IOS and MacOS!!), but if this is the type of service they offer, perhaps I should just stick with what I’m using now.

Bit disappointing for a software package of this calibre. :|

These are user forums. Omni Group employees will respond from time to time, but only when they’ve got time.

For official support, you can contact them via email at where they’ll typically respond within 24 hours. For immediate help they offer phone support during business hours (US Pacific Coast time).

Hey @nostodnayr

Thanks for the info. I guess that’s fair enough, but it’d be nice if their employees gave users some indication on their stance on known issues on the forum instead of just leaving us hanging. This forum was created and is run and maintained by them, no?

Informing your users of a known issue (and if there are plans to fix it, or just leave it there) shouldn’t require a support request - that’s just a waste of support personnel time. I would have thought that (saving time) would have been one of the main drivers for setting up such a forum, but then leaving the work of actually inform the customers of bugs to other customers is a little lame, don’t you think?.

I seem to recall the OP’s question coming up somewhere else. Basically, Firefox isn’t scriptable the same way that Chrome and Safari are, so it has to make do with only including the URL.

It’s not the same format, but Firefox users might check out this bookmarklet that I’m assuming Ken posted a while back. It makes the page title the action title, and sets the URL as the note.