Clipping or Capturing a Screenshot

Hi, is there a way to clip a screenshot quickly that I am missing. I seem to be able to clip text, but not an actual screenshot.

If not, Is there an applescript for this, or would someone be willing to help with an applescript? Evernote has this functionality embedded into the app. It is quite nice.

Thanks for the help.

There is nothing incorporated directly in OmniFocus to capture a screenshot, but you can easily use the default OS X function (3 or 4) to create a screenshot and capture the file created on the desktop.

Following @JeroenSangers suggestion above, if you have Hazel, you could easily automate the process of adding those files into your OmniFocus Inbox. Sven Fechner, among many others, has written about how to do this in his blog. You can also search for “Hazel Omnifocus if you want to look into other posts ;-)