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I have the latest version of OO and purchased an educational license. When I look under licenses, it says I’m running “Pro.” Today i tried to use the OO clipping service and received an error message saying the clipping service was unable to find the Pro Bundle. Any ideas?

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Sorry for the trouble! OmniOutliner 4 does not currently offer the clipping functionality that was previously available in OmniOutliner 3. As both the Mac App Store and Omni Store versions of OmniOutliner 4 are now a “sandboxed” application, we would need to change how clippings operate in order to reimplement it as a feature — not to mention, it didn’t seem like many people actually used the service in OmniOutliner 3. We’re tracking user interest in this though, so I’ll add your vote to the open feature request to bring this back in a future release. Thanks for letting us know you’d like to see this again!

In the meantime, if you’d like to remove the old OO3 clippings option from the Services menu, you can delete "OmniOutliner Professional.service” from ~/Library/Services.

+1 for this.

I currently use Circus Ponies Notebook for note-taking, mainly because it has a good clipping service. It has some shortcomings, though - no iCloud sync mainly

I’d like to switch to OO, but can’t until I can clip, unfortunately

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Please count this as another vote for a clipping service that lets people clip from other applications into an OO document.

In terms of how it would work, I’d expect the text to become an outline item, and the URL or source of the clipping to be added as a note to the item.

For what it’s worth, here are some wise words from somewhere else:

Application sandboxing is controversial because its complexity can cause
more security problems than the sandbox was originally designed to
prevent. The sandbox has to contain all the files the application needs
to execute, which can also create problems between applications that
need to interact with one another.

I, too, miss NoteBook’s clipping service…

Thanks for your note. I may be missing something, but I’m not sure that sandboxing prevents clipping services from working. Evernote and NoteBook both have services that let a person clip text from within other applications, so it must be possible to implement somehow.

Omnifocus has a clipping service too; it also appears on share sheets for apps like Safari.

Point to note - I seem to recall that CP Notebook only offered the clipping service for the direct purchase. It isn’t available in the Mac Ap Store download. If I’ve remembered right, that was because MAS app sandboxing stopped it working.

I seem to recall that CP Notebook only offered the clipping service for the direct purchase. It isn’t available in the Mac Ap Store download.

You may be right. I think my copy of Evernote is a direct download too. Both of them are applications I’ve had forever and probably only updated via their built-in update facilities.

Sandboxing is an issue for the way clippings was implemented in OO3 with the ability to have multiple clipping files. It also seemed from feedback we were getting that improvements to the clipping service was needed by most people wanting to use it so reimplementing it without enhancing it didn’t seem like a priority.

Please add my vote to this clipping service. The ability to clip web pages and notate my clipped notes is very important to me.

I’m evaluating OmniOutliner, and have been wondering if I could use it without needing Evernote. But, simply because of this missing feature, I will have to use Evernote if only for it’s good clipping extension for Chrome. Perhaps Evernote is also superior to OmniOutliner in organising reference material … so perhaps its an important complement to OmniOutliner.

File storage aside, I’m disappointed I can’t use OmniOutliner to clip webpages and manage my clipped notes. Perhaps one day.

Please add my vote as well. In the mean while my work around is to clip using version 3 and then move the data into OO version 4 as required.

Is there a method of getting a clipping into OmniOutliner 5 (Pro)?