Clipping services

Hi there, I own OmniOutliner v. 4.6.1 for Mac, I’ve used OmniOuliner v. 3.10.6 for years and now under macOS Sierra it no longer functions. I used previous version of OO primarily to collect various snippets and clippings from different web pages. Shortcut was a very simple one. So that function to which I got used to over the years was extremely useful for my work. Although links to OO shortcuts still appear in Services dialogue box (on my right-click) but would not copy the clipped content to OO document of my choice. Is there a way to restore clipping function or is there any other alternative? My apologies if topic has been discussed already. Thanks in advance.

This has come up before; there isn’t a clipping service for OO4. There’s an explanation here from an earlier thread. I’d suggest adding a support request for this feature to be recreated.

Link to thread

Nick, many thanks for your comment. I remember receiving similar response when I installed OO4, well, few years back. I kept OO3 for clipping services along with OO4 until the Sierra release, than no joy. Please count this as another vote to restore clipping service.