Clipping shortcut does not appear under Keyboard/Services/Shortcuts

I have just purchased OmniFocus2 for Mac. I wanted to setup the clipping shortcut and after hitting “Set Shortcut…” button, the system opens the Keyboard/Services/Shortcuts section. I scroll down to the “Text” category which starts with the “Add contact” shortcut and ends with the “Summarize” item. But … there is no OmniFocus2 entry, nor a “Send to Inbox” nor anything similar. Seems that this was not created.

I have read this topic already (“Clipping service not available in “shortcuts” in System Settings”), but re-installing the application did not help. Any ideas?


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Can’t say that I have a solution for you, but mine is called - OmniFocus 2: Send to Inbox.

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Hey @Tobias_Wolff_4872, I’ve heard from some customers that restarting their machine should help resolve this. Can you give that a try and let me know how it goes?

Had the same problem here. Restarting the machine helped and the missing entry then was available…

Restarting worked for me :)

Why do they keep changing the names???