Clippings Shortcut/Send to Inbox Not Working with Firefox in OmniFocus 3 and 4


I’m writing to inquire about an issue I’ve been experiencing with the Clippings Shortcut, also known as the “Send to Inbox” feature, in both OmniFocus 3 and OmniFocus 4 when using Firefox. While the feature works well in Safari and Chrome, I’ve noticed that it doesn’t seem to function as expected in Firefox. Specifically, when I try to use it, a new task entry window opens in OmniFocus, but it’s blank.

The first time I used this feature in Chrome, a prompt appeared asking if OmniFocus could control actions within Chrome, and I granted this access. However, no such prompt appeared when I tried to use the feature in Firefox. When I checked the automation section under Privacy & Security in macOS settings, Safari, Chrome, and Calendar were listed for OmniFocus, but Firefox was not.

In addition, I’ve observed that other macOS applications like Drafts and DEVONthink are able to extract text from Firefox successfully, so it seems like this issue may be specific to the interaction between OmniFocus and Firefox.

Are there any workarounds or solutions available? Can this be an issue from my side? If so, how should I try to debug this?

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