Close a line to create a shape

How do you Convert Lines to Shapes? I am using Omni Graffle 7.9.4 and cannot find in this version the solution provided here ( Edit > Objects > Convert Line to Shape):

Has the way to do it changed for this version?

Under the Edit menu, choose Objects, Convert Lines to Shapes. This hasn’t changed recently, but you will need to have only lines selected. You can tell if you have a line selected because the Line inspector will be enabled in the Object Inspector.


Just started to dabble with this (because it might help with some of the things I am doing).

When I convert a line to a shape, it seems to create a closed path object. However, once done I cannot adjust the line stroke nor fill the new object. Is there a way to accomplish that because it looks lke the stroke went down to .25 or .5 pt.

Just noticed the Pen tool is no longer allowing me to add a fill color. The item was in the inspector, I was even able to change it, but once object is drawn, the Fill menu goes away.


Went to another drawing and drew a filled pen object fine…

Drew a line… converted to a shape. The shape went from the layer I was on to a locked layer! But I could adjust Stroke and Fille.

TOTALLY my bad on the part with the stroke and fill not being available.

I have been following various conversations and trying things out to see what does and doesn’t work and forgot I was working on an ArtBoard.

My appologies. (however, the bit with the closed shape from a line shifting to a lock layer still holds. I was able to do that twice).

I took a different approach and redrew the objects using the Pen tool rather than the bezier line tool. Objects created this way are already “objects” and therefore adjusting stroke and fill is straightforward.
Spending most of my time in Adobe Illustrator often leads to frustration with OmniGraffle’s tools.

I like the Pen Tool but don’t like that it defaults to Bezier type.

But there are many things I like better than other programs. Drawing Freehand lines (lines with multiple nodes) I can change between Straight, Curved, Bezier or Othogonal. I tried in CorelDRAW, InkScape, and Affinity Designer and they always seem to default (and sometimes I can’t figure out how to change type from) to a Bezier line.

I do wish I could merge/break lines or close a line and create a shape. Also waiting for nested layers. But I could go on!

Still, their tech support is insanely responsive and they have fixed many of the issues I have run into.