CMD-' now opens and selects the note

I found this functionality change from OF1 a bit confusing. I normally use CMD-’ to open the note section, add some comments and then CMD-’ again to close the note. With OF2, CMD-’ opens and selects the note so my first keystroke wipes out the content. I have to remember to press the arrow before typing. Pressing CMD-’ moves between selecting the title and selecting the note again. Yuck.


Agreed. I didn’t notice that it also selects the note text, I’d just used it to read one and disliked that I couldn’t close the note again. I filed it as a bug report.

Closing the note works with CMD-alt-’
I don’t know why this can’t be simply open/ close, but at least there is a shortcut for that ;-)

We juggled the shortcuts a bit:

⌘’ switches between editing the note and editing the title.
⌥⌘’ toggles showing and hiding the note.

There’s a bit of overlap, because if the note is hidden and you hit the shortcut to edit it, we have to show the note.

Does that help?

It feels like an extra step: cmd-’ to show the note but the note is entirely selected so one has to un-select. Then cmd-alt-’ does close the note, great. (Thanks mat_rhein.) Only, cmd-alt-’ works as a toggle in that then pressing again opens up the note again.

Thought this time, not only the note but the entire task plus note are highlighted.

Have I just forgotten that cmd-’ used to open and select the note? I thought it popped you at the end of the note text to start typing.

⌘’ in OmniFocus 1 only puts the cursor at the end of the note. It does not Select All the note text. OF2 should not either; this has already bitten me once.


CMD-’ was the original shortcut which toggled opening a note in edit mode (not selected) and then closing it. Why not restore the original function of the shortcut? Why change it when that only adds friction to your established user base?

As for CMD-OPT-’, use that shortcut for toggling between edit mode for the title or for the note. It is a new feature, give it the new shortcut. Seems to make sense.

Finally, when toggling into edit mode (whether for the note or for the title), you should NEVER select all the text. Way too dangerous. That should be recorded as a bug if it has not been.

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Workaround for Keyboard Maestro users:

Could I suggest that CMD-’ act as follows?

  1. First time it opens the note, positioning cursor at the end (like OF1). If the user wants to select all the text, typing CMD-A could be used.

  2. CMD-’ a second time would jump to the title, again at the end.

  3. CMD-’ a third time would close the note.

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I think I prefer a simple toggle rather than use once to open and twice to close (but that would be better than having to use three fingers to open it rather than two)

Please bring back the original notes shortcut with the original behaviour.

If we are wishing (and I have also sent the email feedback as OG request) then it would be great if in the preferences there was an option to have the cursor appear at the start OR the end of the note. At the moment I update a waiting for item when I chase, putting the most recent event at the top. It would be nice not to have to hit cmd-up arrow to reposition the cursor before firing my text expander snippet that puts in the date & time and further re-positions the cursor for me to type.


I also prefer the original OF1 with a simple toggle to open-at-end and close the notes, but also occasionally want to quickly change the title. Perhaps the OPT-CMD-’ could be used to move between note and title.

A few years ago I used to put comments in reverse chronological order but the apps I started using tended to place the cursor at the end of notes rather than the beginning. Having a preference to position at beginning or end would be a good idea, or perhaps tri-state: selected, position-beginning, position-end, with position-end being the default to match OF1.