Collapsable tasks

On my iPhone and on my computer, all tasks/projects are collapsable.
Why is that feature not available on my iPad Mini 4 ?

For some reason the Ipad solution is inferior to the others. I would expect it to be fixed in Omnifocus 3, but I recommend you to send a request for it, like I have done, to The Omni Group (, to let them know that there are more users waiting for a better solution.

I paid 50$CA for the iPad Pro version. I wonder why I don’t have access to the same features available on my iPhone ?

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Good question. Ask The Omni Group (this is only a user forum).

By the way, the inferior behaviour regarding subtasks on the Ipad isn’t limited to the inability to collapse them. As you cannot show only the subtask level, you also cannot create new tasks directly on the subtask level using the circled plus-button (the tasks will be created on the level above). The situation has become somewhat better with IOS 11, as you can use the ”Save +” button to create subtasks at the same level if you started with creating a new task by dragging the Inbox icon into another task to create a subtask.