Collapsing a project in Forecast View?

Hi friends!

Is there a way to hide the details of a project in Forecast View? Sometimes, I just want a general overview of what’s up on my plate. I don’t need to see all the details of the project, just the highest-level entry on that particular project. IE: “memorize script, rehearse script, and prepare for acting class” would ideally just display as “prepare for acting class”.


AFAIK, when the entire project is due, all of its actions will be due and show in Forecast view.

If prepare for acting class is the only action that is due on a given day, then set the due date only on that one action, not on the entire project.

BTW, as I noted elsewhere, what you want to do and what you have to do are two different things entirely. The former gets a flag, the latter a due date.