Collect all @[context] of the same name, regardless of nesting?

I may be missing something in the Perspective setting, but is there an easy way to collect all instances of a particular context, regardless of where it is nested.

For example, I have @online nested in @office and @online nested in @home.

If I click on the @online context under @office, I do not see all @onlines, just @online for @office. Similarly for @online under @home.

If I wish to see all @onlines at once – is there a way to automatically generate that view?

No particular way to do this right now.
Could you explain more about why you want to see these ‘onlines’ together, after deliberately separating them into office/online and home/online?
In other words, would it work to have online as a peer of home and office, assuming you can do most online things from either location? Then home and office could capture the (offline) actions which can only be done one place or the other.

So switch from

  • Home
    • Online
  • Office
    • Online


  • Home
  • Office
  • Online

perhaps this would work:

@ online

  • @ office
  • @ home

with home and office being sub-sets of the online context? but then they wouldn’t show up if you also have a general @ home, or @ office context. i find this is the trouble when i assign items to individual ‘people’ contexts. another possible workaround is to use hashtags in the item names and search for those.

Thank you for the reply.

It is one part due to a failure of best intentions – even if I have carefully made my contexts, I may want to change where a nested context should live. Calling all instances of, say, @online allows me to at a glance evaluate whether there needs to be a change.

Similarly, as pointed out in the comment below, identifying a named person, e.g. @Jon, as a nested context to align with a particular location (say calling or discussing from/at home/office) may make sense for organization, but you’d still want the option to see all instance (top line or nested) of @Jon.

Make sense?

Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the Beta.

You can command-click to select both of your nested “online” contexts in the sidebar, and it will show all of the your actions from both grouped together.

If you want to save that in a Perspective, go to “Perspectives -> Add Perspective” and name it “Online.” Go to that perspective, open the sidebar, and command-click to select both of your nested “online” contexts. Then click on the “eye of sauron” in the menu bar, hit “Add Current Sidebar Selection,” and save the perspective. If you like, you might want to also select “Group actions by: Context,” so that you can see which of the actions are from “@home/@online” and which are from “@office/@online.”

EDITED: I originally wrote “control-click,” when I meant to say “command-click”