Color Coding Folders?

Hi there,

I did a search for color coding folders for projects etc in OF, and I did see some threads from a year ago or so, but nothing since (maybe I missed it). But I"m just curious if this is ever going to happen? I do love OF and I am using it more and more to organize my entire life, but with lots of projects going on, even when I sort them all nicely, it would just be nice to be able to color code project folders and a few other things and maybe even sort by color, if possible.

Just wondering if that’s going to happen? :)



As someone who has a ton of projects in OmniFocus I would love to have the ability to color code folders. I also really miss the ability to have themes like OmniFocus 1.

That would def be cool. I’m able to import custom icons from images and I really like custom feature. It would be great to add color !great suggestion

My solution, as usual, is to use emoji! Not quite the same as colour coding but gives you a visual indicator.

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Yeah, I’m of the kind who finds too many Emoji as being visually noisy. :) It’s not a bad idea, but I prefer getting some color options. :)

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And three years later, in a new version, this is still an obvious missing feature.


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