Color palette (Color Picker) doesn't show up after selecting "Other"

Recently there have been several instances that the color picker doesn’t show up after I clicked on the “Other”. The first time it happened reinstalling the app seems to help, but this time I did the same thing and still doesn’t show up. I also tried rebooting the MAC.

Has anyone had a similar issue before?

I could not duplicate the issue here. What version are you using and what MacOS? If you can repeat the problem consistently, Support really does want to know so they can fix.

I am using macOS Catalina Version 10.15.3 with 7.12.1 (v198.5.0)

Some additional findings.

I am using a three monitor setup, with 1 monitor tiled at 90 degrees. If I only uses the laptop’s monitor I will see the color palette shown on the bottom right (only the header is visible). I can then move it to the center. Is there a way to make sure that the color palette is anchored to specific location?

Sounds like it may be a ‘lost’ window somewhere. Maybe using the Window arrangement (usually F3) will help locate it? I’m not sure you can ‘lock’ a window to be in a specific place any more.