Column Groups/Sets in OmniOutliner

Is is possible to create “column sets” or “column groups” so that, when columns are assigned to a group or set, only those columns are visible? Similar would be a column filter based not on column content but on column heading, using “any” to string several filter criteria together.

If this is not currently possible, I would request such. :-) Thanks!

P.S. Taking it to the next level, I suppose you could have foldable columns, just as you have foldable rows. One of many applications might be (as a teacher with a gradebook) where a row for a student has a column for a date (for their class meeting) but folded under the date column is a class grade column, a conduct grade column, and an attendance column with a checkbox. You could create some very sophisticated relationships between row and column content when both rows and columns are foldable! But maybe a column heading filter is a more modest place to begin! :-)

I’d like to re-assert this feature request:)

Feature requests should be sent to omnigroup support by email.

i like it. and this is just amazing