Column Independent Coloring?

Hey guys,

Is there a way to set a row colour, but only have the colour show on some columns?

Here for example, I want to keep Column 1 (Topics) as magenta/blue, but as much as I like the magenta, across three columns is a bit much, haha. I’d like to set Columns 2 and 3 (Images and Source) to white.

If I set the column background to white, the row color can still be seen.

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I’m also interested in column background coloring; I just now ran into a situation in which it would’ve been perfect.

I think the situation is currently that column background color simply cannot be independently controlled, though I’d love to hear that I’m wrong about that.

I’ll throw out that one potential solution would be a new, optional property of a Style that allows it to apply only to certain columns.

And in the case that my “Green Background” style applies to columns 1 and 2, and my “Red Background” style applies to columns 2 and 3, well…I guess one of them could win, based on some hierarchy judgment…or column 2 could be yellow. :)

For the record, I misunderstood column background coloring.

You can change it (Paragraph Background color, to be precise) in the auto-generated style for a given column, and it does work.

However, it appears that row styles have precedence over column styles, so you’ll only see column styling appear in rows that don’t have conflicting styling.

A column-level option to give just that specific column precedence over row styling would be a powerful thing.

And if I’m still misunderstanding column styling, I’d appreciate any feedback.