Column Title Row


I am trying to bring in some data from a text file but every time I open the file in Omni Outliner or copy paste the content, the system automatically created a Columns Title header row that I do not need as I want the header to be the first row in the text file!

Is there any way I can swap the two rows? Or remove the default created titles row and make the first row in the text file as the Columns Title row?

Manual processing is not an option for me as I try to import many text files into Omni Outliner files.



Do you mean the ‘Topic’ column header?

If so, not really. You can manually rename it. You can also hide it (View > Column Headers > Hide, or open the Document Inspector and choose Hide from the Column Headers dropdown).

You can have the column headers hidden by default by editing the template you’re using.

Assuming you have the pro edition, you can use applescript to name each column’s header, e.g.

tell application "OmniOutliner" to set title of column 2 of document 1 to "some other topic"

You could probably arrange it so that the contents of a given cell be used for the header.