Combining OF with use of paper organisers

I’m a long-term OF user - just found an old DeskFax (desk-sized Filofax) which I used to use many years ago, and I’m wondering how/if I can best incorporate it into my C21 workflow.

Anybody got any suggestions beyond using it as a GTD collection bucket / overgrown notepad?

I don’t know if OmniFocus is really geared towards storing information such as documents long term. I’d suggest you look at Evernote as a free option, and DEVONthink as a paid, and considerably more advanced option.

Both applications can produce links to the documents you store within them, so these links can be pasted into the Notes section of OmniFocus actions. If you have a form that needs to be filled out at a certain time, for example, you can create an OF action with the appropriate due date, paste the link to the form stored in Evernote or DEVONthink, and have convenient access to that document right from OF.

There are other options too for long-term storage, such as Microsoft’s OneNote or Google’s Keep, so you’ll have to look around and see what fits your needs and budget best.

Thanks for the reply - for some reason I didn’t spot it until just now. Fully agree re Devonthink - I use it heavily. Filofax (of whatever size) is an analogue / pen and ink product - clearly not well known around here!

I’d recommend linking documents stored in Evernote to OmniFocus tasks - it’s a good way to keep those documents handy and digital, while being able to reference them in your OmniFocus workflow. Just as Scott mentioned, you can paste that link into the notes field. Evernote’s UI makes it really easy to share the link with a couple taps on iOS, too. Info on that workflow setup is here:

I’m a Filofax person as well, during my weekly review I transfer any deadlines to paper, and as part of my daily review I pencil in tasks when I feel that they can/should be accomplished. I have a Deskfax as well (are you in the Facebook group for them?) and find that it’s really nice for bigger planning, I tend to use my M2 size as an inbox.