Complete and Await Reply Script - loss of link in notes

Love this script. Wondering if anyone has figured out a way to copy over the notes with links intact. I use the ClipOTron to link to emails in the Notes section. When you use the Complete and Await reply script, it brings over the email as text so you lose the link.

Here is the script (

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I’m not certain this will help, but thought I mention just in case… Have you tried enclosing the links in angle brackets first? Sometimes links in the notes field don’t retain their ‘linkiness’ when edited, and the angle brackets usually prevent that from happening. Maybe it’d help here too?

Anne. Thanks for the reply. I actually got a lead on the old OF site. Taking a look at the original script, it basically replaced the contents of the note vs. appending. This looks like where the link turned to text. So here is my changed line (old & new). Now this inserts the date / time of when I sent the reminder and keeps the email link intact.

			--set note of theDupe to oldNote & return & notePrefix & ((current date) as text)
			tell note of theDupe to insert notePrefix & ((current date) as text) & return at before last character