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I was using Curt Clifton’s script in OF for the Mac. Now that we have Plugins, is there an adapted plugin for this? I saw a version of this, but unlike Curt’s script, I can’t seem to add days to it if I have a due date.

Thanks so much.

Check out this one on the official site:


Thank you!

I tried that one. But when I look at the code, I’m not sure where I can add days. For example in Curt’s script:
if (daysUntilDue < 0) then

set due date of theDupe to missing value


set due date of theDupe to ( current date ) + 86400 * daysUntilDue

But I don’t see that option for adding days in the official page plugin. I’d like to set it to be X days out.

Maybe I have to stop using due dates and this will work fine 🙄

That plug-in doesn’t change any dates, but you can add that capability.

This page explains how to manipulate dates:
See the example ‘Generate Future Date’ which determines targetDate.

You can use that at the beginning of the plug-in action. Then set the due-date property of each new ‘waiting’ task:

dupTasks[0].name = "Waiting on reply: " +
dupTasks[0].dueDate = targetDate;

I am so thrilled that you posted this. I use that applescript constantly and was going to work on creating a javascript version. It’s a lifesaver that it’s been done already. And this one of the major gaps for me between OF on Mac vs. OF on iPad. Excellent.

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Thank you! This is fantastic. Really appreciate your input.

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