%Complete not Exporting to MPP

When I import an MPP into OmniPlan the %Complete imports fine, however when I export that same MPP the %Complete all get reset to 0. Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

There’s probably some small quirk with that particular file that is triggering a bug in our exporter.
It’d be great if you could email a copy of your file to our support humans via omniplan@omnigroup.com

If you’re not comfortable sharing the details of your plan with us, OmniPlan for Mac can anonymize the file (in the Help > Send Feedback menu) so we can see what’s going wrong but task and resource names will be replaced with “Task 1” and such.

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Hi Lizard - Just sent them a note, thanks!

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Customer mentioned this thread in a support email today - adding some info in case other folks run across it while troubleshooting. Today’s customer was having a different problem, but the search terms they would use to look for info make landing here totally understandable.

When exporting to Microsoft Project, it may help to know that OmniPlan’s exports populate Project’s “% Work Complete” column (which is based on effort) rather than the “% Complete” one, which is duration-based.