Complete Tasks appearing as a project under a Project?


Omnifocus 2 latest build here. Not entirely sure how to phrase this. My View Settings are:

  • Don’t Use Project Heirarchy
  • Group Actions by Project
  • Sort Actions by Due
  • Filter by Status : Any Status
  • Filter by Availability: Remaining
  • Filter by Duration: Any Duration
  • Filter Contexts: Remaining

I am finding that under every project listed in the task list I see an unavailable item (circle greyed out) with the project name which I guess contains all the completed items. I can’t delete it without being warned that all of the items contained (I guess completed items)will be deleted. Anyhow, is this just standard as part of availability/remaining? Its a bit unexpected to me that completed items would appear under a “Remaining Items” filter.


I think you can control this with the “include projects and groups” in the organization tab of the preferences.

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Looks like that did it! Awesome thanks!

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For future reference, that unavailable item was actually the project itself. It would have become available once all of its child tasks were completed; at that point, you could check it off to mark the project itself completed.