Completed projects won't go away from sidebar

Why won’t my completed projects leave my side bar?
I have a repeating project, and when I complete it, I would like it to go away, but they are still staying there, so I accumulate a list of projects that I don’t want to see in my sidebar. My view settings are set to available, which should not include completed projects.

If you have a repeating project, it is probably the new project that you are seeing. You probably want to set up a deferral period (maybe as little as a day) in the project repeat options so that the new project is not immediately available.

I am positive it is not the new project. If I have one project that is repeating, then I click complete, then I see the project I just completed, with a purple check, plus a new project to represent the next weeks iteration of the project.

Update, just realized there was an update available for omnifocus and that fixed the issue.