Completed Tasks and Task Duration

I did some research in this forum for these issues, but as far as I didn’t find a solution that really fits, I want to bring this up (maybe once again). There are two issues that really make it difficult to get a nice workflow with Omnifocus.

When working on a project that contains tasks and subtasks I sometimes need to quickly check a task that I already completed before.
Example: I need to create a presentation, so I have a task for each chart. I go through the process and mark a task as complete as far as a chart is finished. But during the process I maybe need or want to rethink a chart that I’ve already finished. 1st step would be: Check the completed tasks because in the notes section is written down, what the needs and requirements for the chart have been that i’m sceptical about.
But there’s no hotkey or other way to quickly show completed tasks for this project. I need to change the general perspective which is quite distractive for me. I don’t want to leave the perspective im working in. It would be great to press a button that makes completed tasks in this project show up, to check quickly what’s in there, and then press again to make them disappear to go on.

An alternative would be: a general setting that allows me to clear my completed tasks from the current view manually. or in a predefined intervall like: every evening.

The other issue:
I can define a time estimation for each task, but there’s know way to tell how much time I acutally needed. I understand that omnifocus is not for time tracking. It doesn’t need to have a start- and Stop function for tasks or sth. But I don’t even get the sense why having a time estimation if there’s no way to put in the time that was actually needed. It just needs the same field like time estimation below, with a slightly different headline…

Thanks for your answers!

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