Completed Tasks Showing in a Context?

Bear with me, because I’m new to OmniFocus. Just switched from Things.

If I view one of my contexts in OmniFocus, with “Available”, “First Available” or “Remaining” set as the view, it tells me that there’s “1 remaining”, but it doesn’t show me what it is:

If I view “All”, it shows me that there’s a single completed task. (I would post another image, but as a new forum user, I can’t…)

That doesn’t seem like great behaviour to me—why would I want to see that there has previously been a task available, but not what it was? Doesn’t that make the count of remaining tasks a bit pointless, if some of them aren’t actually remaining? Or am I missing something about the way this works?



This does seem a little strange…could you email this to so we can investigate what could be going on here?