Completed tasks still show in Forecast view

I may just not have had enough coffee this morning (or too much–who can know?), but I was almost sure the View option used to allow the Forecast view to show or not show completed items. (Like you can still do in Inbox view.) However, almost every time I open OF for Mac, I see recently completed tasks and can’t see how to change that. I have Preferences set to “Clean up changed items” immediately.

What am I missing?

Did you click the “Clean Up” button in the ribbon?

Yes, but should I have to do this manually every time in Forecast view when it is automatic in Inbox?

Am I not correct in remembering Forecast used to have the same automatic clean-up as Inbox does?

I can email support if need be–does anyone remember if this is an actual change in the program, though? It seems like it is… and I’m not sure why there wouldn’t be an option in Forecast like there is in Inbox to not show completed items.

Omni has confirmed this is a bug, but it’s been nearly a month. Any ETA on a fix?

Thank you very much for reporting this. We have reproduced it and reported it here.

No ETA to share, but there is a partial workaround if cleaning up often in Forecast is a problem and you often are marking items completed on your Mac. If you go into your preferences Organization tab, and change Clean Up changed items to “Immediately”, that should reduce the frequency of completed items not automatically cleaning up. It will apply to your Inbox as well, so hitting Clean Up might be a better option depending on your workflow. I understand that this is not a fix for the bug, but it might make this problem less painful until a fix is ready. Sorry about this problem.

Updated to clarify: We do not clean up synced items until you complete an item locally even with “Immediately” set.


Thanks for the update, Lanette. Hope this gets fixed soon.

This bug still exists… 2+ months feels like a long time to have an active bug report in.

Sorry we haven’t followed up better here! The change in behavior is confirmed and a bug is filed, but we don’t actually have consensus that the current behavior is incorrect. As a general principle, we try not to change the current list of contents out from underneath you when a change is synced, because we don’t want the view to change out from underneath you just as you’re about to make a change. So we wait for you to interact in a way that indicates you won’t be surprised when things get cleaned up. I understand that you preferred the old behavior, but the old behavior was actually the result of a bug in this logic, it wasn’t the originally intended design.

Thanks for the reply, Ken. I think I understand that, but couldn’t the “current list of contents” be understood to exclude items I’ve just checked off on another device? Intuitively (which I know is not always a helpful word in software) the new behavior just feels clunky to me.

Why not let the user choose in this case and make an option available? I.e., didn’t the View option formerly allow the Forecast view to categorically show or not show complete items? That seems a possible solution that can accommodate both ways of thinking.