Completed today without strikethrough?

I’d like to review the tasks I’ve accomplished at the end of the day. The Completed perspective works well for this, but all the tasks are displayed with strikethrough. Is there way to change remove strikethrough (only for this one perspective)?


There’s an OmniFocus hidden preference that you can use to change that! You will want to paste this into your browser:


You should see a pop up box confirming the change made. You’ll want to quit and relaunch OmniFocus to see the changes. Hope that helps!

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Thanks @priscilla,

That’s really cool, however I’d like to keep strikeout for all Perspectives apart from my end-of-day Completed perspective. Maybe a script to export the items to a text file would be easier…

Hi, I have used this hidden preference for some time now, and would like to revert back to the original setting. Can you supply the URL required please?
Reason is; the text on my MacBook is so obscured by the strikethrough I have difficulty reading it.
I did try setting the final part of the string to True but it’s not working even after restarting the app. I realise this may be because this was written for a much older version of OF?
Oooops! I have sorted it. I never tried re-entering the same string. It has reverted.