"Completed" vs "Dropped"

What’s the difference between marking a project Completed versus marking it Dropped?

I think ‘Dropped’ means you decided it was no longer relevant and closed it without completing any more actions. ‘Completed’ means you actually did the project.

It’s a subtle difference, but I find dropping projects to be quite satisfying in my weekly review (“I don’t care about this project anymore - drop it”)


This gives you a record of dropping a project. If you just delete the project, it will disappear as if it never existed. When you start archiving, OmniFocus will move completed and dropped projects into the archive and remove it from the main OmniFocus database.

I usually like to enter a note or comment indicating why I dropped the project. If I ever need to refer back to it (especially for the boss), I can open up my archive, search for the project by name and then have a digital record of dropping it for one reason or another. It’s another CYA feature for you (cover your @$$).

In some productivity blogs, this is referred to as the “Not To Do List.” You keep track of all dropped projects and why you decided not to do them.

Dropped projects will also not show up when you have the View Settings set to show “Available” tasks. A dropped project is not available and will not show up unless you change the view settings to show “all” tasks.


If I understand correctly then, OF treats “Dropped” and “Completed” projects the same. It removes them from the current database and archives them. Yes?

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Yes. Dropped and completed will be treated the same and will no longer show in available tasks.

When you archive your OmniFocus database, all completed and dropped projects will be moved out of the main OmniFocus database and into the Archive.


I am using Dropped for a hacked purpose, and that is to not see work projects show up when I am on vacation, or on the weekends. I Drop the entire work folder, then bring it back. Messy, but it works.

I see that unlike projects, folders can only be dropped, not completed. Since they’re functionally equivalent, I guess it doesn’t matter. It does bother me to mark a folder dropped, even when I went through the trouble of finishing the darn thing.

‘Dropped’ perspective is not in my OF, is this a custom perspective?

Ok I found it > Inspector > Action > ( - ) the minus in a circle.


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