Completing tasks see them lingering w. strikethrough as on OS X

When completing a task on OS X, the task does not go away immediately. In stead it remains - greyed out and w. strikethrough - until you navigate to a different view.

This is quite useful for undoing accidental completes when your mouse trigger-finger is possessed.

On iPad and iPhone, the behaviour is unfortunately that the task disappears immediately. I am aware that you can easily undo, but that is not the point.

This behaviour seems a bit backwards - as touch devices seem to me to be much more prone to accidental completes.

Additionally, given their mobile nature, it is quite easy to accidentally complete a task without seeing it happen on the screen - thus not being aware of the need to undo it.



It is even worse on the iPhone where the quick entry button is usually right on top of a checkbox (when looking at a list of tasks). I always navigate back to the app’s intro screen before adding new tasks because I’m afraid I will check off items and not even notice because they immediately disappear.

A few weeks ago I filed a request to have the strikethrough behavior on iOS :)

Ah, I could not find the request through the search. Could you mark this as a duplicate of yours, so that we’re not spreading the backing and communications thin?

Sorry, I meant I filed a request via my iPad app. As far as I know, such a request will go to the Omnifocus support departement and you can’t see them in these forums.

But you can make the same request via the app, maybe it will get higher on the list :)