Conflict when creating new action [Fixed in 3.14.1]

I just updated to Ventura 13.0 and now I keep getting a Conflict alert from OF. This happens when I create a new action and hit tab to jump to Context. There shouldn’t even be a syncing conflict because the alert comes before the new action can even be uploaded.

This happens when creating the action in the OF projects window, and does not happen when using the Quick Entry shortcut.
Screenshot 2022-10-26 at 1.17.46 PM
I’m running the latest version of OF - 3.14 (v151.30.0)

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I’m having this any time I modify any event defer date. Also on Ventura, running latest TestFlight build:

Product: OmniFocus-MacAppStore
Tag: --tag 048ad08d599fccb06d02f78857366cb7f8dcb7c4
Date: 2022-10-26 23:43:58 -0700
Builder: omnibuild
Revision: 596
CommitHash: 048ad08d599fccb06d02f78857366cb7f8dcb7c4

I’m having the same issue but it just started yesterday (11/2). I upgraded to Ventura on release day.

When did you update to the latest version of OF? I assume you are on OF 3.14 released on Oct 25?

I have the exact same issue as the op since I updated to Ventura. But the issue is random in the OF project perspective. Sometimes I create actions and hit tab w/o any issue, sometimes I get the conflict message …

I was not able to catch what would be different between the creation of task having or not the issue.

Same. The conflict is not consistent and I don’t know what triggers it.

This issue was fixed in OmniFocus 3.14.1. (We’ve already shipped this on our website, but the Mac App Store review is taking longer than usual.)

OmniFocus 3.14.1 for Mac

  • Conflict Errors — Navigating between fields via the tab key no longer triggers unnecessary edit conflict alerts.
  • Custom Perspectives — Fixed a bug that could cause unexpected filtering in some upgraded v2 custom perspectives.
  • Keyboard — Fixed a bug that could block tab key field navigation on macOS 13 Ventura.

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