Confused about Seats per License

I’m beta-testing Big Sur and wanting to get another copy of OO to try with it. I currently use my one seat on a desktop and a laptop. This third copy would be used on a second partition of the laptop. What’s the best way to download this third copy, still using my one seat?

If you’re the only person using the app, you can download and activate as many copies of the app as you wish. You can install the app the same way you installed the other two copies (either downloading from our website or installing from the Mac App Store), and with last month’s updates you can make licensing simple by registering any previous purchases with your Omni Account, then signing in with that same Omni Account whenever you want to unlock the app in a different context.

Hope this helps!

Thanks - couldn’t do it via the App Store - as far as I could see the only option they gave me was to purchase. But downloading from your website worked.