Confusing pricing? Want to update but not sure how

I bought Omnifocus 1 for iPhone a long time ago. I’d like to purchase the version 2 universal app for my iPhone and iPad but am confused by the choices and pricing.

What do I need to purchase to get Omnifocus 2 for the least cost?`

The standard edition of OmniFocus 2 for iOS is not discounted, as it is not possible to do through the App Store. However, if you purchased OmniFocus 1 for iPhone, the pro upgrade in OmniFocus 2 is free.

The way OmniGroup get this to work in the App Store is a little convoluted, so you should refer to this support article that explains it.

In short, install both OmniFocus 1 and 2 on your device, then choose ‘Check for Free Upgrade’ in the Pro upgrade panel. After buying it for ‘$0’, you’ll be able to use the regular ‘Restore Purchases’ button on other devices and future installs.

Got it, purchased. Thanks.