Constant crashing v3 and 4 – just me?

So I was on the v4 beta on iOS for a long time and put up with constant crashes as just a given if you’re a beta tester. But it was finally bugging me too much and I went back to v3… which also constantly crashes on my phone, especially whenever I try to use the share sheet to run automations (which I want to do all the time). Has anybody else experienced this or do I need to try to get onto the support humans? I’m on an iPhone 13 running iOS17 so not exactly a Dinosaur 😠 Also I know it’s worth taking the time to get v4 right but seriously 2 years or so now I think we’ve been waiting?! I’m a bit infuriated only because OF is the best so I want it to be the best…

Yes, pretty much 100% crashing on trying to invoke share sheet for me too currently (OF3, iOS 17). I’ve been filing my crash log reports but no idea how big a job fixing this might be

v4 has an occasional crash for me (mostly around the Inspector) but 3 was utterly stable.

There’s an issue running Omni Automations on iOS/iPadOS 17 that requires a fix from Apple. You’ll find more information in this blog post:

For now, I’m only using OmniFocus Plug-Ins on my Macs. I’m looking forward to being able to use them on my iPhone and iPad again once Apple addresses the JavaScript issue (hopefully very soon 🤞).

Update: Today’s (2023-10-05) TestFlight build includes “Updated Omni Automation logic to avoid a frequent JavaScriptCore crash on iOS and iPadOS 17.”

Constantly crashes at every opening since update.

@michaelAF – Are you using any plug-ins? If so, perhaps try disabling them temporarily to see if that makes a difference.

Line item in yesterday’s beta suggests this is fixed / circumvented. (Probably the latter, though who knows what the consequences of a workaround had to be.)

Can’t open Omnifocus (v3) since IOS upgrade… and I don’t have ANY automation enabled !