Contacts Integration

I’m new to OF2 and must say it has changed my radically life, but also have one major regret that there is no address book integration. Iv’e been trying to find work arounds through the share contacts button in the address book app, which prove unsatisfactory. I really would appreciate this feature to be implemented in the NEAR FUTURE.
Meanwhile if you know of any work arounds or scripts that may help I’d appreciate the help.

What is your use case? I’ve done things with Workflow when I need to remind myself to email someone - I use Workflow to get the email address out of a contact (and in my case, I should update it so the notes section is a URL to airmail to email that address!)

I don’t know what was Sylviak precise need but for my part, I try to avoid using a CRM with TODO’s for my contacts that would be stored in the CRM. I want to add it in OF.
And conversely. I’d like to be able to assign a task to a contact and then being able to see all the task of this contact.
Of course I can filter in OF but would like also to see it in my contact app (it is Busycontact that shows the list of emails, events, … for each contact I select

I’ve tested Daylite, a very nice CRM but I was hesitating using it as OF is my app for all tasks.
Now Daylite is suppressing Daylite server on Mojave so no other choice than to use Omnifocus.

I am searching a solution to link tasks with my contacts

any idea ?

I’ve created tags for many contacts that I want to connect to tasks. I would Love if OF could link to contacts instead of needing a tag.

I’ve been using Daylite for over ten years and (full disclosure) have close ties with the company, including being one of their Marketcircle Experts.

I don’t typically use the Tasks feature in Daylite as, for my needs, OmniFocus is a better fit. Though, I still use much of the other functionality that Daylite has to offer.

It’s possible to link an OmniFocus project, action group, or action to a contact (or any other type of information) in Daylite for Mac.

To begin with, go to Preferences in Daylite, click on Contextual Menu, and add the Copy Hyperlink to any of the Daylite Objects (e.g. People, Company, Opportunity) that you want to reference from other apps, including OmniFocus.

If you then right or control-click on any of these Objects and select Copy Hyperlink, a link to that object will be copied to the clipboard. You can then paste this link anywhere you like (e.g. the Notes field of an OmniFocus action).


One caveat is that this link can only be created in Daylite for Mac. Also, it seems that clicking the link in Daylite for iOS opens the Daylite app, but doesn’t direct to the possible information. I’m not sure if this is a bug, or if it’s a feature that hasn’t been implemented yet.

p.s. As you noted Daylite Self Serve isn’t supported in Mojave. It’s being phased out in favour of Daylite Cloud. You’ll find more info here. Personally, I much prefer Daylite Cloud. It means that I don’t have to put time and energy into managing a server, setup/management of devices is easier, and it made it possible for Marketcircle to offer integrations through Zapier.

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Hi Tim,

So do you not create client “projects” in Daylite and generate tasks from them?

I’m trying to simplify my Omnifocus so I don’t have 20 to 30 client “projects” (sometimes I have many “projects” per client) and was thinking I could use Daylite to do this because it can also track all of the correspondence.

I was hoping I could just sync the tasks between the two programs, but that doesn’t look to be the case. And I don’t want two instances of tasks and projects in both programs.

Maybe copy hyperlink is the simplest approach, but just seems like I’m on the cusp of a better workflow and can’t quite get there. So just wondering how you manage the client “project” organization if using both Daylite and OF.


So just wondering how you manage the client “project” organization if using both Daylite and OF.

I create opportunities in Daylite for potential work and projects once the business is won. These opportunities and projects help me tie everything together, including notes, emails, and people. I currently use OmniFocus for all of the task management (i.e. I don’t use the “tasks” feature in Daylite).

Said another way, OmniFocus prompts action and Daylite contains the support material that I need to take action.

I also have repeating actions in OmniFocus such as “Review Open Opportunities” and “Review Active Clients”, tagged with “Daylite”. These help ensure that I’m looking at relevant information in Daylite regularly and taking whatever action needs to be taken (e.g. sending a follow-up email to a client or lead).

I hope this helps!