Content spanning multiple columns?

Is it possible to have a document with multiple columns where some content spans multiple columns?

I’d like to have some tabular data with different sections and have the section title span multiple columns. Right now, if the first column is too small, my section title is wrapped with a lot of white space to the right. It seems to me like a natural way to organize larger outliner collections (or even just have a title for a document at the top).

I can think of multiple ways that could be possible (span multiple columns, manually merge columns, ignore columns for single rows). Is any of those supported?

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This isn’t supported, to my knowledge. One thing you could do, though, is use the Notes feature to span text across the columns. They would need to be set to display in line rather than in pane (this might be a Pro feature) and also set to span the width of the document (rather than wrapping to the column width). The text in the row itself could be deleted or an empty space. This may or may not work for you depending on whether you can get the formatting to your liking.

I have found OO limiting with complex tabular data (and usually end up missing Excel formulas). You have to kind of accept its spirit as an outliner rather than a spreadsheet application, and decide what’s the right tool for the job.

Right, I understand that it’s supposed to be used as an outliner and not an Excel replacement. It’s just that I keep running into that problem whenever I have multiple columns and I want to either give my whole document a title or have different sections/categories. Both are not really possible if the first column is too small for the header text.

I really don’t understand how that goes together with the “Heading” styles that OmniOutliner has but that are useless in many cases if you use multiple columns.

I agree – I need this feature too. Can’t understand why it’s not implemented, esp. since Notes can span more than one column.

Hi all. New member here. I joined because of this topic.

The good news is that this feature appears to’ve been added. From the 5.1.4 help file: “Rows can also span multiple columns (if your document has more than one).” Yay!!! :-)

But I can’t figure out HOW to do it. Does anyone know?