Context Location Reminders Not Working [should be fixed in iOS 10.3]

After upgrading to an iPhone 7, Location Reminders in OmniFocus iOS stopped working. I have checked all of the settings and noticed in the iPhone Privacy setting the OmniFocus setting says “While Using,” while other Apps say “Always.” There is no choice to set the OmniFocus setting to “Always.”

I believe that in the past, the Notification would pop up whenever I was close to a location set up in Contexts, whether or not OmniFocus was the forefront application on my phone. Now, there are no Notifications whether or not I have the OmniFocus App in the foreground.

Thanks for any suggestions.


Hey there @jaystoeg! Sorry for the confusion here. There are a bunch of different factors at play for location-based notifications.

How OmniFocus appears in the system settings depends on which location permission it asks for. iOS lets apps specify two different modes of location use: “while using the app” and “always.” The more permissive of the two is what will appear in the system’s settings. This is why OmniFocus only has a switch for “While Using.”

This doesn’t mean that OmniFocus can only trigger notifications while it’s active, though! It just means we’re not actively tracking your every move from the background. Instead, we ask iOS itself to monitor your general location, and to wake up OmniFocus when you get close to one of your contexts with a location attached. This means a lot of OmniFocus’s notification reliability is tied to iOS’s notion of your location.

There are a couple things you can do to quickly troubleshoot:

  • Head into the Nearby perspective and make sure that you see a pin for every context you expect to be notified about.
  • Also from Nearby, drill down into contexts and make sure they each have the “when entering” or “when leaving” option selected, as well as a notification radius.
  • Check OmniFocus’s settings in the app (by pulling down on the Home screen and tapping Settings), then looking at the Notifications and the Sounds, Alerts, and Badges sections. Make sure everything is as it should be.

If none of those checks resolve your issue, you could also try creating an equivalent notification for a reminder in the stock Reminders app. Does the Reminders notification fire? If not, it might be a systemwide issue in tracking your location or issuing notifications.

Of course, at any point during this process you’re welcome to email our support staff to get more detailed help! They can walk through any of the above steps, as well as offer a couple more advanced troubleshooting techniques if all else fails.

I hope you’re able to get this notification issue resolved!

I have the same issue with my iPhone 6. After updating to iOS 10 context location reminders stopped working.
I just checked all the things reported by @tekl.
Reminders (location) notification work correctly.
Any idea?

Thank you!

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I’ve been in a long email thread with support over this since the iOS 10 public beta 1. Hasn’t worked since day 1 of iOS 10. Beta or Gm. Performed all the trouble shooting they asked and nothing working. Even did a complete wipe of my Omni sync database and a phone reset. So started over on everything and still doesn’t work. I’ve seen in threads where they admit to working on it, and others blame iOS. Definitely an OmniFocus issue, iOS reminders work fine along with let’s just say other competing apps. Hope a fix is coming soon, too expensive software to have a basic feature not work for so long. 2$ apps are doing it. Come on Omni!!!

Have you checked settings in Notifications and Privacy? I haven’t any issues with Locations reminders working and I’ve used all the betas from iOS 10 up to and including the current 10.1 beta 4 and haven’t had a single issue with OF. Hang in there, there is hope and it does work.

That’s good to hear. Thanks for the heads up. I’m sure they are working on it. Sounded like they haven’t been able to reproduce it on their end yet.

Just adding a “me too” to this. Symptoms exactly as described above.

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Context location reminders stopped working on all devices two days ago, right after I installed the Carrot Weather App version 3.1 (

To update its watch complication, Carrot requires setting location access to Always for Carrot. The location access arrow in the status bar is then always on for Carrot, even if it isn’t actively accessing the location. In this configuration neither Omnifocus context location reminders nor the iOS reminder app location reminders are triggered. When I change the setting for Carrot to access location services Only when using the app, omnifocus context location reminders and iOS reminder app location reminders again function correctly, presumably at the expense of watch complication updates.

This suggests there is an issue with how Carrot accesses location services or how iOS 10 treats that access relative to how Omnifocus triggers entering a defined location.

Perhaps other apps could cause the same problem for others.

Context location reminders worked perfectly on all devices before adding Carrot.

I will point this out to Carrot’s developers, too.

Omnifocus 2.7.13, iOS 10.1.1, WatchOS 3.1, iPhone 6, iPad Air 2, Apple Watch Series 1.

I’m having the same problem. I’d been using location-based reminders in OmniFocus for years. But ever since approximately when I upgraded my iPhone 6 to iOS 10, they have not worked reliably.

Also annoying, OmniFocus on my iPad frequently does trigger location-based reminders that my phone ignores. (It didn’t this evening, but it has in the past.)

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It’s the same for me. My iPad has always done well regarding location-based reminders, but my iPhone seems to be ignoring them for some reason. Which is kind of … unfortunate. I rarely run errands with my tablet.

Just another voice experiencing the same thing. iPhone 7 Plus here…and I don’t get any location based notifications. I have followed all the steps tried here and even did a full reset of all location settings. My iPad gets them properly with the same iOS 10 and the same database. It’s one of my most important uses of OmniFocus. Hope someone can post a solution soon!

Yep. same problem here. iPhone 6s running most recent iOS version.

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I also am having problems with not getting reminders for context locations. I have followed all the steps above as well as making sure my phone is unlocked and I have OF open. I am not sure if the fact I have an Apple watch is a contributing factor.


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Add another unhappy customer here.
Same issue. Location reminders stopped working when I upgraded to iPhone 7.

The apple Reminder app location based reminders works fine.

Come on Omni. I loved your app. Location reminders was so handy. Now I hardly use the Omni app and have switched back to Reminders.


I can confirm experiencing the same issue. Please fix ASAP. This is a primary reason I purchased this app. I expect this would have been resolved by now.

Update: At least in my case, I have found the problem (and I guess it’s been there all along, just kind of out of view). This morning, I set

Settings – Privacy – Location Services – System Services – Location-Based Alerts to "On"

and magically the notifications instantly came pouring in für me on my iPhone as well. Functionality restored!

Maybe you want to add this step to your troubleshooting list up there @tekl?


iOS 10.3 fixed it, I guess.

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That’s right, all indications are that Apple fixed this in 10.3

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