Context view showing non-Task items?

I have a Perspective for Tasks without Contexts so I have a short list to go through and clean up/assign Contexts where I’ve been lazy. In v2 this list also shows Task Groups but all in one long sparse list. Is there a preference to not show non-Task items in Context view?

After I synced v1 after messing around in v2, v1 does the same thing; my short tidy list of Tasks without Contexts shows a longer list including Task Groups without Contexts which is not helpful (snippiness: but at least it’s a compact list and the differences are obvious).

If you click the View button in the toolbar and uncheck the “Show Projects and Groups” box, does that do what you’re looking for?

Yes it does BUT when the Perspective is the active view the “Show Projects and Groups” is not available, that setting appears in the View panel when Contexts is selected in the leftmost pane.

select Context: adjust “Show Projects and Groups” setting
select Perspective: enjoy

It’s obvious when two windows are open, but I was working in one window and did not realize changing one would affect the other

If you change the view options on one perspective and that alters what’s visible in another perspective, that sure sounds like a bug. Please send specific steps to

I did. It’s more than a bug. Have a window with Contexts showing and have another Perspective with a Context view. In the first, the sauron pref pane provides the “include projects and groups” toggle and that affects the contents of the other window. Why would it do that and why wouldn’t the Perspective have its own setting?