Contexts different on iPhone than on Mac

I entered an action on my iPhone directly into a Project and assigned it a Context. It shows up on my Mac computer the way I would expect (both under the project as well as the context). On my iPhone, the action only shows up in the Project perspective but it does show that it has a context…it just isn’t shown in the Context perspective. Can anyone tell me why that is?

Perhaps it’s blocked behind another action in a sequential project, or is deferred?

If that’s the case and your Contexts perspective is set to show only Available or First Available, then it wouldn’t appear.

In case you don’t know how to check that: when in the Contexts perspective, scroll to the top and drag down to show the ‘secret bar’ and tap on the view ‘eye’ button. Set it to show All or Remaining.


Thanks. I got it fixed. Not sure what setting I had, but ultimately got it to work the way i wanted. I’m sure this will all make more sense the longer i use it. Thanks again!