Contexts shows erroneous overdue items—and data doesn't match iPhone

On my Mac, Contexts showed a total of 4 items overdue in several sub-contexts, but it did not show the item. I looked in Projects view and could not find anything overdue. They aren’t being blocked by being on hold, nor are they blocked because they are part of a sequential project. I’ve looked at everything with the View set to “All”.

However, when I returned to Contexts and unchecked a previously checked item in one of the sub-contexts marked as having an item overdue, then checked that same item again, suddenly the overdue count disappeared. I repeated this for all of the erroneous sub-contexts, and now it’s showing no overdue items.

However, my iPhone still has some erroneous overdue items in several contexts, and so does my iPad. (Different contexts, natch). I’ve forced everything to sync but it didn’t change.

Before I contact support, have I missed any other place where overdue items could be hiding?


Hi Margaret,

It sounds like you may be running into a bug in the currently shipping releases where summary counts on a Context can become incorrect in some situations. I apologize for any inconvenience caused by this bug.

Support can help you rebuild your database, which will temporarily correct the counts (until you run afoul of the problem again.)

We’ve fixed this bug internally, and intend to ship the fix in an upcoming minor updates to OmniFocus for Mac and OmniFocus for iOS.



Thanks! I’ll keep ignoring overdue in Contexts counts.

I have the latest release (3.4) and am encountering this anomaly. Lots of tasks/actions showing as overdue, yet nothing is overdue in my entire database. Any advice? I tried rebuilding the database from within the app?

I’m getting this too, for exactly one task. Also tried rebuilding the database to no avail. It’s kind of irritating.

Never mind. The parent project had mysteriously acquired a due date that was in the past; but the child task’s due date remained in the future… yet it was being displayed as overdue.

So… highly unintuitive.

I got sorted thanks to the support team. It was to do with the setting of a particular item in the preferences. The count was actually correct but due to the preference being set it was giving the apprearance of a wrong count.

The issue here is it looks like you currently have OmniFocus set to exclude showing projects and action groups in the Tags and Flagged perspectives, and while projects/groups are being hidden they are still included in the sidebar counts (as well as the counts in the header for the perspective). We have a bug report on file about those counts not updating to reflect only what you will see, and I’ll get you added to that.

For now, to avoid this inconsistency you can turn off the option to hide projects and action groups in the Tags perspective. To do this, go to Preferences > Organization, and uncheck the option for “In Tags and Flagged: Exclude projects and groups”.

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Since the most recent update I believe any outlying issues with the sidebar count have been rectified